Web Management Services

Professional Website Management & Support with AvenHire

In order to ensure that your website's front-end always looks tip-top and up to date, we offer dedicated web management services by professional vehicle hire website designers. Most importantly, you’ll be able to consult regularly with a website expert who can offer guidance as you navigate the world of website management, SEO and undertake marketing for your business to an online audience.

Routine website maintenance ensures that your website is secure and running smoothly. Each website has its own needs. That’s why all website maintenance services are tailored to your specific type of vehicle hire business and the goals you set.

Powerful maintenance services that keep your website looking great! Always.
Starting from £125/- per month only.

Content Management

Maintaining good content on the website is crucial for consistent and powerful customer engagement. AvenHire brings together the industry best practices and data for an integrated strategic approach to content management.

Dedicated Website Admin

Our professional web admins manage websites for our client car rental businesses allowing them to keep an expert on call who will handle all their website and online marketing needs without the burden of hiring an employee or managing the website themselves.

Technical Upgrade Support

Technical upgrade means developing a feature that is either not present in the current version of AvenHire or modifying a feature that is not satisfying your requirement.

Fleet Listing Management

Just sit back and relax, let us take care of your listing on your website in a professional manner. When you need to update or make changes to your fleet listing, our staff makes sure that it not only is done, but done properly. We will modify the images of the vehicle to match the rest of the website and write content to satisfy the SEO standards.

On-Call Support

With our on-call web maintenance and management we designate website admins to be available at particular times to respond to an urgent CR (change request) or even a service issue. You will be able to speak with your website admin via Zoom.

Chat Support

Chat with us during business hours for quick help on product issues, your account, and more.
Business Hours 08:00 - 18:00

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Whatsapp Support

The Whatsapp support is available for our Tier 3 or above clients, even after business hours.
You can reach us 24x7.

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